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Dynamic reflections flickering on AMD

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When dynamic reflections are turned on at any setting I get flickering all over the cockpit: https://youtu.be/baTLgxbPuws?t=48


Im using a 6900xt on 21.5.1 (I have tried previous versions)

P3Dv5.1 (Latest)

Windows 10 Pro Build 19042

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16 minutes ago, masterhawk said:

You are the first user reporting this issue.

Do you run any shader tools?

So far I cant find any post except a video on YouTube with 12 views, so I believe this is the first report. (



I've even done a test with a completely fresh install of windows and p3d with only the A330 installed, the issue is still there. (No shaders in this install either)

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10 hours ago, masterhawk said:

For now I can only recommend to disable dynamic reflections.


That removed the flashing but there are still lines flashing on the displays of the right MCDU and the lower ECAM 


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I have the exact same issue on the exact same prepar3d version, but with an RTX 3070. Latest driver freshly installed with DDU (tested with older versions too), no shaders addons, and it happens only with the a330. It is pretty annoying and the only solution found was also disabling dynamic reflexions, but it shouldn’t be happening. Can we expect any fix ? I run the latest version of the a330 btw.

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Is there any progress on the issue, or at least acknowledged as a problem with aerosoft? Real shame AMD users cant take advantage of the nice reflections.

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