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How to access the joystick calibration utility in Windows 10


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How to access the joystick calibration utility in Windows 10


This is a very simple and basic tutorial, but sometimes useful as memory refresher.


Calibration is the FIRST and probably the most important step in controls setting.
It basically tells Windows what information to give the simulator as  response to the electrical USB signals.
If this information is not consistant with the controls physical movement, there is no way that
the controls will correctly work in the simulator, as the basic low-level information isn’t correctly set up.                                                                                           


There are many ways to access the calibration utility.
We will use the fastest one. The short video hereunder shows it all.


1 – Right click on the Start button on the Windows desktop

2 – The menu pops up. Click “Run”

-----à Alternate way to previous steps : Combined keystroke : “WINDOWS”+”r”

3 – In the Run box, type “joy.cpl”

4 – The calibration utility start

5 – Run a full calibration of your device(s)
HINT : check the “Display raw data” box.
             This shows the basic digital information the USB controller sends to Windows.

             This is also a way to check the control resolution and possible excessive ripple.



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