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Maximum cargo at 0 for A318/A319


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I used P3d v5.1 and I installed the latest versions of airbus a318 / 319 a few days ago. When I want to configure the cargo weight, the FMC tells me that the maximum is 0. I don't know why ... Is there a parameter that needs to be configured somewhere? Because I don't have a the same issue with A320 / 321.



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I suppose that is in this xml section ?


    <!-- A318 -->
    (L:AB_TypeIdent, number) 12 ==
        132 (&gt;L:MCDU2_FP_max_Pax, number)
        17.00 (&gt;L:MCDU2_FP_max_Cargo, number)
        19.15 (&gt;L:MCDU2_FP_max_Fuel, number)
        68.00 (&gt;L:MCDU2_FP_max_Tow, number)
        39.51 (&gt;L:MCDU2_FP_empty_weight, number)        


I have the same value for "max_cargo" ans "max_fuel" for A318/319/320/321MCDU2c.xml. It's strange... if the plane is bigger, the more fuel and cargo it can carry...


NB : After vérification, this issue is only for A318

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