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This is display of a simbrief flightplan brought into a A320neo







This is the EXACT same flightplan brought into CRJ700

Question Why the discontinuity? and how do I get rid of it.

I have no trouble getting rid of discontinuities in A320


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Your issue is unrelated to the shop. Please post in the product support area. The link will take you to the support area, and if you spend a couple of minutes looking over the subtopics, you'll know where to post...and look to see if this has already been asked and answered: Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES .


If you haven't done so already, please view The Dude's videos and ensure you've successfully completed the tutorial flight. In it, you'll learn how to deal with a disco. What works in an Airbus won't necessarily work in a CRJ. Come fly with me, by The Dude - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES


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