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Followed instructions from SIMHANGER's video to configurate a 2 engines jet reversers. (Lever 1 = speedbrakes / Lever 3 & 4 = throttles)

QW787 (didn't download QW787 profile)

Trouble => reversers don't work.

Only way to make them work is through speedbrakes (Lever 1) which must be all the way back

There are issues with BT Quadrant because Lever 1 affects Lever 4 and I have no clue

print 1 => Lever 1 going backwards (Lever 4 goes upwards)

print 2 => Lever 1 going all the way upwards (Lever 4 reverser is released while Lever 3 is active)

print 3 => Lever 1 going all the way backwards (Lever 3 & 4 reversers active)


EDITED to bring more info



Screen Shot 05-08-21 at 10.41 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 05-08-21 at 10.42 AM 001.PNG

Screen Shot 05-08-21 at 10.42 AM.PNG

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