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  1. Hi, SimWare Tks for answering Trouble was that even though I didn't assign/calibrate in FSUIPC its .ini showed Throttle 1->4. What I did was to delete this .ini and now I verified that moving SPOILERS (axis 1) doesn't affect THROTTLE 2 (axis 4) anymore unless moving SPOILERS below FLIGHT DETENT. In this case both REVERSERS work. Using REVERSERS make SPOILERS goes all the way down which I think is normal (is it?) Didn't test it flying yet but will do it soon ang give feedback
  2. I have P3Dv4+ in E drive. Maybe will get P3Dv5 and install it in F drive I know that there are 2 dedicated P3D Honeycomb software (for P3D4 and P3D5 versions) Is there any known issue involving these? Tks
  3. Hi, Bert. Trouble are: 1) I had CH Quadrant & Saitek X52 and their software. Uninstalled CH Quadrant software (but couldn't find Saitek) and unplugged them from USBs => Not shown in P3D4 anymore 2) Didn't use FSUIPC at all either for axis assignments or calibration 3) have no clue if there are software leftovers embedded in my registry (and don't know how to deal with it if this is the case) 4) My FSUIPC6.ini below 5) Could you show me how to deal with this actual double configuration? it's really making me crazy and very frustrating to watch every Honeycom
  4. ConfigTool is really terrific. Still have a lot to understand how it works with Alpha Yoke & Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Followed instructions (youTube videos from MrJaraNet & SIMHANGERS) creating profiles for single & twin engine props AND for 2eng jets and have issues which are making me crazy. In a 2eng jet config/profile (?) => Everything seems to work properly: throtlles 1 & 2 (axis 3 & 4 in BTQ) go forward and backward nicely WHEN LANDING, WITH BOTH THROTTLES IN THEIR IDLE POSITION, USING REVERSERS WILL MAKE SPOILERS EXTEND (WHICH SEEMS OK) BU
  5. Although not having the same sort of problem (there is Honeycomb in my P3Dv4.5 Add-ons and both BFC_Throttle and AFC_Yoke are there) I found an Alpha Flight Control Bridge Module in add-on.xml (C:\P3V4 Addons\Honeycomb) + in as_honeycomb_p3dv4.xml ( ...\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products\...) and no mention to any Bravo Throttle xxx Bridge Module anywhere. IS THIS AS IT SHOULD BE OR SOMETHING MISSING? Printscreen and uploaded files. Tks add-on.xml add-ons.cfg as_honeycomb_p3dv4.xml
  6. Mark, really a terrific contribution to simmers, as some others too. I'm a newbie and maybe will ask for help. Anyway many tks
  7. Buttons 1 ASSIGNED TO BRAKES, 2 EXTEND FLAPS, 3 RETRACT FLAPS Changed (or tried to) button 1 -> push-to-talk (with SWIFT) BUT WORKS AS BRAKES TOO AT THE SAME TIME button 2 -> center view (P3D4 key assignment) BUT EXTEND FLAPS TOO AT THE SAME TIME Is there any way to change functions, freeing buttons 1->4 to anything I want to assign, like push-to-talk, center view, or other WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS? Tks
  8. It's our wish (most brazilian at least) but there is Bolsonaro... Tks, Benjamin
  9. Again many thanks for your help and sorry for another delayed answer. It's been tough dealing with Covid-19 pandemic here in Brazil (I'm a surgeon working in a Public Hospital in São Paulo)
  10. Just received my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke!!! Will unplug my Saitek X52 USB cable, plug my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke USB cable so Saitek should disappear from P3D controls BUT.. 1) any other action (except assigning or verifying if Alpha Yoke axis assignments are there) is required? 2) do I need to make any modification in FSUIPC6.ini? 3) TKS, Bert, for so much patience and help
  11. Very nice of you answering my 2 questions, Benjamin Last (I hope) questions about Profiles I import both PMDG777's Alpha Yoke & Bravo Throttle profiles with their respective buttons assignments. In ConfigTool I activate first Alpha Yoke profile for PMDG777 then activate Bravo Throttle profile for PMDG777. This will make both profiles active for use in P3D while using PMDG777 (Hope that this is right, otherwise I'm lost here). 1) => Running P3D and choosing PMDG777 will give me all buttons assignments created (many tks to them) by others to work accordingly? No need to tak
  12. Since having shown that I'm newbie I'm here again for help. Bought both Honeycomb products and still waiting for Alpha Yoke to arrive. From Honeycomb Configurator I verified that I can create profiles for both (AY & BT). Lets assume that I'll fly PMDG777. There is a download here that someone made a huge effort to offer his expertise so after downloading it, importing it to Profiles and making it active I'll have buttons/LEDs assigned. From what I infer once made active this profile it will be linked to P3D. 1) Do I have to export it (as PMDG777_BT_prof) so next time I
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