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How to reset an axis stuck at 50% in Flight Simulator ?


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How to reset an axis stuck at 50% in Flight Simulator ?


In some cases it has been reported that joysticks, throttles or any other controls
have one or more axes stuck/locked at 50% of their course in Flight Simulator.


Usually, reassigning the axes or creating a new profile with brand new axes assignments 
solves the issue.


However in some cases, even that doesn’t bring any solution.
It has been found that one reason could be a default sensitivity setting to a
flat horizontal curve with zero reactivity :



Even uninstalling drivers, rebooting the computer, changing USB port, etc. doesn’t help


We will step by step solve this simply by resetting the sensitivity curve.


Go to OPTIONS -> CONTROLS, select your device in the upper list and click SENSITIVITY




The sensitivity configuration window opens.
We can clearly see the reactivity set to zero and the extremity dead zone set to 100%.
Simply press RESET


The curve values will reset to fully linear however the curse graphical representation will remain flat.
This is a simple graphical glitch. The parameters are correctly set.
Press DONE.



Once back in the axes assignment window, the axis bar will now move correctly from one end to the other.
Click APPLY AND SAVE to save the settings.


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