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I hope I am in the right category. If not, let me know so I can improve my forum usage 🙂


I found a little logic issue with the electrical system, while flying the CRJ. 


The GPU available light should be on, unregarding of the Battery Master Switch position. You can operate the aircraft only with the GPU on ground, because the Battery Master Switch will only activate the battery chargers. So, as soon as the GPU is connected, the light should illuminate. 


Thank you! 


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  • CRJ Forum Moderator

This is already on our bug tracker. You are correct that the external power avail light should illuminate with GPU applied, even with the battery switch off.

Although in the real CRJ you can indeed apply external power without first turning on the battery, doing so is not recommended. There are multiple relays that close simultaneously in both the DC and AC electrical systems when the GPU power is applied without battery power, which can sometimes induce faults in various computers. Applying battery power first will close many of the DC relays before the external AC power is brought online which allows a smoother “boot up” of aircraft systems.

Also, if the battery switch is off, if there is a momentary interruption in GPU power, the airplane will go completely dead, whereas if the battery switch is on, essential systems will keep running. It might make the difference between preserving any FMS programming that might have already been accomplished vs. having to start over again from scratch. 

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