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What is World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator?

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World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator is all about gliders. In every possible shape and size.


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The World

WoA: Glider Simulator is set around a small airfield on the borders of the Rhine river in Germany (we used Herrenteich Flugplatz as inspiration). This airfield is a typical small airfield. Very calm in winter but on fine summer days it is very active. From early morning flights to other airfields (Google '$100 hamburger' and you get some idea) to BBQs in the late evening. It is a place where you make friends and meet friends.  Flying is a hobby for the people there.  The covered area around the airport is 25.000 km2 and includes the river Rhine (no, you are NOT allowed to buzz the ships), a major bridge (again no, not fly under it) a few small towns and villages and one larger town, Speyer, that has its own airport you can use. It is also the location of the Technik Museum that has some amazing aircraft on display. You will see them when you fly around. Makes the approach to the Airfield Speyer Ludwigshafen rather special.

The Aircraft
These aircraft are all included in the product:

  • PZL-104 WILGA (tow aircraft)

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    The Wilga is a weird ugly duck in this product as it is possible the world's worst glider. If you lose your engine better look down to select a place to land, the word. But it is a very reliable and strong aircraft to get gliders in the air. It is also a highly enjoyable aircraft with some weird characteristics. If you can fly a Wilga you can fly a lot of aircraft. 
  • H36 DIMONA (motor glider)

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    The Hoffmann H36 Dimona is not your regular small aircraft.  It's in the rather exclusive class of touring motor gliders; aircraft that are a cross between motor aircraft and gliders. They got the long wings of a glider but a standard (though often rather small) aircraft engine. You can either use them as a normal aircraft or switch off the engine and glide for a while. Truth be told, the H36 Dimona is not a brilliant aircraft. As a motor aircraft it a bit unwieldy, as a glider it just not has the performance you would hope for and as a touring motor glider it seems to combine the worst of both types of aircraft. But it has something that few aircraft have, character. 
  • ASK 21 (glider)

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    The Schleicher ASK21 is one of the best-known gliders as it is used in many glider schools. It is not a hard glider to fly (that is what makes it a good instruction aircraft) and considered very safe. You can do some moderate aerobatics and cover some serious distance in this aircraft.
  • ASK 21 Mi (motorized glider)

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    Take a ASK 21 and make a big hole in the fuselage to mount a retractable engine and you get the ASK 21 Mi. However, that does not mean this is a motor glider. The ASK 21 Mi is classed as a ‘motorized glider’. You can take off with it and extend your flights without compromising the pure glider performance too much.

  • LET L-13 BLANÍK (glider)

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    This two-seater trainer has been for many pilots the aircraft they got their first flight in. It is used all over the world with over 3000 aircraft build since 1958.  Even though it is a Czech aircraft, the US Air Force (and many other Air Forces) used it for a very long time for basic flight training (under the TG-10C name).  The Blaník has exception good low speed handling with effective rudders control. It is highly forgiving.  An ideal introduction to gliders!


Special features

As most gliders need assistance to get in the air, this edition of WoA has very strong multiplayer functions. You can fly the Wilga and drag other players up, or just compete with others to see who can fly the longest distance.  To make it easy to communicate almost all of the standard communication is preprogrammed and you can just use a key command to tell the tow pilot you are ready to unlink the two line.




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