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World of Aircraft is a series of standalone (so not an add-on to a simulator) casual flight simulators. In no way intended to compete with X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator, the different World of Aircraft products offer an easy introduction into PC based flight simulation.  They are low cost, easy to use and easy on the hardware.  From starting the sim to being on the runway with an engine running takes 20 seconds (take that Flight Simulator!). 


Every version of WoA covers a specific area of flying. The first one, World of Aircraft; Glider SImulation is all about gliders, for a detailed description see the next post. Other ones can be about agricultural aviation, parajumping/skydiving, artic operations or floatplanes, the world is our oyster and we are happy to take your suggestion.  Each version will come with one detailed airport/airfield (often with a second airport included), at least 25.000 km2 of terrain and a set of aircraft. They always have extensive training missions that assist you with getting to know the aircraft. You will be assisted step by step in mastering the specific aircraft type.


While definitely easy on the systems,  the simulation of the flight model is very high end.  World of Aircraft is about the joy of flying. Not about weight and balance, tire pressures etc. the simulator handles that for you, but about how the aircraft reacts to your input. How you need to trim an aircraft to make it fly hands off. How to make that perfect landing.  How hard it is to drag a glider up in the air with crosswind (believe me, it is, I got a load of wrecked aircraft to proof that).


Distribution of the simulator is done via Steam, but we will sell the product in our own shops (and affiliated shops) as well.  It will be very well supported (on these forums) as we know we will get a lot of people not to accustomed to simulation. 


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Btw, the grass in the sim looks great, but not this great...


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