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Weather and tracks not updating

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Seems to be happening again. Weather can't be updated. No tracks available.


I'm concerned that this seems to be happening more often of late. I love PFPX, but I don't know how much longer I can rely on a paid service that seems to be declining.


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In this case it appears its the FlightSimSoft/PFPX server that is down. 


Could be scheduled/unscheduled server maintenance from their webhost, which was last the case on March 10 and 11. 

I have reached out to support and will advise, this should be fixed in the AM. 

The recent outages have been frustrating, however occasional server maintenance is reasonable. The second outage two weeks back was due to NOAA changing their database structure which caused problems for anyone depending on it. Including HiFi, Xplane etc. 


In any case each time the outages have been resolved by the FlightSimSoft team within 48 hours or less which is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. 

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