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  1. Same issue, just came in to try to find a solution, it says "cannot connect to server".
  2. Ahh right, strangely this is the first time I have run into it. thanks man
  3. Hello all, I'm not sure why but one of my regional airports KLAL Lakeland Linder International Airport is not listed as having any charts. I was just wondering why? thanks
  4. Say Herman, one more thing, I don't need to reinstall the charts for these airports if I already have a subscription to the NDP Charts correct? I mean, it doesn't add anty8ng it's for only if you don't already have the charts correct? thanks
  5. Roger that Herman, I notice that my Anchorage and Fairbanks do the same thing so I guess it's just what the installer wants, just making sure I didn't have something odd going on and it was ok to alter that folder name. thanks man
  6. hey y'all, When I try running the new installer for Gibraltar it tries to install to an odd location, C : \P3D5 Addons, is this correct? OR, should I install it in another folder? thanks
  7. Ah, perfect explanation, thank you!!
  8. Hello y'all, I just got SimStarter NG today and got it installed and updated (I Noted the user files directory and made a backup), I do however get a message when I start SS:NG that tells me to uncheck my AI Traffic? or the app will (can) take several minutes to start up. But what if I want to fly with my AI traffic? I'm confused, as it is now my P3Dv4 starts UTL automatically and it does take a minute or 2 to load, BUT, I like to fly with UTL's traffic. If I uncheck UTL will SS:NG not load my Ultimate traffic Live when the sim starts?
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