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  1. I really don't know and I did not see any such documents, am only following BOX real flight plan for that leg and I saw them changing to K speed. so maybe you know more than me regarding FL, i tested it and made step climb in middle of Turkmenistan airspace, working well. thanks for efforts
  2. I updated the files but still PFPX will not change to metric at BODKA (FPL-BOX530-IS -B77L/H-SDE2E3GHIJ5M1P2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -EDDP0530 -N0486F310 DCT DRN Z21 OMELO DCT GOLOP DCT ODNEM DCT BERVA DCT BALAP DCT NARKA DCT DINRO N743 UDROS UM859 KARDE UN644 ROLIN DCT TETRO DCT BARAD M747 SUBUT/N0488F330 M747 BODKA P130 MAMED B449 RANAH L750 BIROS/N0486F350 L750 ZB G202 RK P628 IBANI L510 GURVI T1 BBS L759 PUT B579 VPL W531 VIH A464 ARAMA DCT -WSSS1123 WMKK)
  3. Hi, I was planning today a trip from EDDP-WSSS, the route will fly through Turkmenistan airspace which is metric as per attached photo (BODKA P130 MAMED B449 RANAH), PFPX added a step climb on BODKA with metric FL, however, it did not change back to imperial FL after leaving Turkmenistan at RANAH. I changed my payload to make no step climb at Turkmenista, PFPX ignored metric FL changes as you see in below 2nd FPL. (FPL-BOX530-IS -B77L/H-SDE2E3GHIJ5M1P2RWXYZ/LB1D1 -EDDP0530 -N0494F310 DCT DRN Z21 OMELO DCT GOLOP DCT ODNEM DCT BERVA DCT BALAP DCT NARKA DCT DINRO N743 UDRO
  4. damn it, i wish i saw this post before uninstalling PFPX to go back 2.03, now am stuck can't activate lol
  5. today I updated to 2.04 and yes same issue am getting with AS, hope they can fix soon
  6. Version 1.0


    The Airbus A320-214 CFM in Afriqiyah Airways 5A-ONN Repaint by Jehad Hamdan
  7. Version 1.0


    The Airbus A320 CFM Sharklet in the new airline; Al Maha Airways. Repaint by Jehad Hamdan
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