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No /work/ Subfolder in CRJ Main Folder- Rectified. Please Disregard.

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EDIT - Brain cramp on my part. Looking and pointing at wrong folder... DUH. Please disregard message. Sorry!


Hi All,


I downloaded and installed the CRJ from Aerosoft and installed into my MSFS (MS Store version) install. Trying to get flight plans loaded from SimBrief and running into a challenge.


I've followed the instructions that I've seen from here and from Google search (YouTube, MSFS Boards, etc.) and the thing that I'm not sure of is that they all refer to a folder called "work" that's found in the aerosoft-crj folder.  My install does not have a folder by that name. There is a folder named "Work_Defaults" that has flight plans in there but when I add one from SimBrief to that folder, it does not appear in the CRJ's route list. I get an error message "Load Error" in yellow when trying to load the flight plan by entering the origin and destination ICAO codes as well into the FMC.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.





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