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I have recently purchased the CRJ 550 from Aerosoft.com and I have received an email saying, "Selected dispatch: Digital Download
After payment you will find the download file and the serial number in your account under the category "Instant downloads". I don't know where instant downloads are. Please someone help!!!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Screenshots below are a portion of the relevant page.


Step 1: Go to the Aerosoft Shop page and click on "Your Account" which you created earlier (Red arrow added):



Step 2: Clicking on "My Account" will get you to a new page. Click on the "Instant Downloads" area on the left of the page (Red arrow added):



Step 3: Your download will now be shown in the resulting page (Red arrow added; this sample simply shows a recent purchase of mine while the CRJ will be in your list), along with a download link, the product key and the email you used to purchase it with. Both of the latter are required for installation. Best to copy paste into the appropriate fields when installing, being careful to not include any spaces:



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