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HC Alpha and Bravo do not accurately reflect loaded profiles - P3Dv4.5

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Hi, first time posting/ I am running P3Dv4.5, Windows 10. I have the latest HC configurator (2.1).

 I am able to get P3D to recognize both controllers, however both Alpha and Bravo do not reflect the loaded and activated profile, i.e. DHS-6 Twotter. 


For example, on the Bravo, if I select the far right lever, it says it the "lever 6 detent". Lever one says it's the "lever 1 detent" and "lever 1 go-around". 


I have attempted and re-attempted deleting and reinstalling the configurator, and have tried multiple profiles with exact same result. Even with default profiles loaded.


Any ideas? Sounds like some cfg file somewhere is interfering or corrupted. My P3D axes and keys are cleared so there is no conflict there.


I have attached a screen shot as an example; I am hoping it is just something silly I have not done correcly.


Thanks for any assist, really enjoy learning from the forum!


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The "use for" is just not existing and would be of very poor interest compared to the input needed.

Most of the profiles available have a pdf documentation...




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  • Aerosoft



it might be you are not familiar with the fact that with the Honeycomb Configuration Tool you can only assign the buttons, like "lever 6 detent" which is the reverse range of the right outward axis, or "lever 1 go-around" which is the red go around button for the left outward axis. In order to assign the axis you have to go through the P3D controls menu.

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