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How to use the Hotas Warthog Throttle with Aerosoft CRJ 550/700


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

How to use the Hotas Warthog Throttle with Aerosoft CRJ 550/700

This tutorial show how to configure the Hotas Warthog throttle quadrant with the Aerosoft CRJ’s for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This is an easy setup thanks to the CRJ’s built –in configuration utility.
Moreover, this utility is directly accessible from within the Electronic Flight Bag  (EFB) of the aircraft.
No need to go back to the Windows desktop or menu.


We assume you have successfully installed the CRJ addon

and as always, calibrated the device in the Windows Joystick utility.


Assign the Warthog levers to the TROTTLE 1 AXIS and THROTTLE 2 AXIS



STEP 2 :
Assign the lifting reversers detents on the levers to THROTTLE 1 DECREASE and THROTTLE 2 DECREASE


The reversers are engaged by 1. pulling the levers upwards when in IDLE then 2. pulling backwards into the reverser section


STEP 3 :
Make sure the default MIXTURE AXIS assignment is removed.
Using this axis and leaning the mixture will cutoff the engine.
By default, the MIXTURE AXIS is assigned to the little grey lever on the right.



Start a flight with a CRJ.

Once in the EFB calibration screen, make sure the Type and Reverser parameters are checked like below :


Calibrate the throttles.
The system is really simple. Just move the Warthog levers to each level
you want  then click the “SET” buttons next to the corresponding detent in the EFB.

As the Warthog doesn’t have physical detents you just need to set it up according to your needs and preferences


This is it !
Check in Flight Simulator that the levers move along with the Warthog. (Video)





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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi Denis,


Please make sure to save and close the RFB configurator after you setup the detents.
Also make sure that no other device (such as the TCA you also have) stil has axes assigned to throttle functions.


Take care.

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