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  1. TheSledge

    CRJ Time

    Thanks Rob. Sometimes my ineptitude surprises even me!
  2. TheSledge

    CRJ Time

    Hello all, From where does the CRJ get its time of day? I'm currently sat at EDLP and the time in CDU and chrono reads 07:10z. But it's 07:55z in the real world i.e. my PC clock. Eh?
  3. Not so, I have a multi-axis throttle and both the throttle axes operate the engines and throttle animations independently perfectly well with no third party software.
  4. Has always puzzled me in Aerosoft's case; the CRJ doesn't even show as being owned by me in the Marketplace, so what do they care?
  5. All I saw was a fix for single axis throttle users. Really not sure that dual axis throttle users have been considered.
  6. There appears to be an agreement between Aerosoft and MS to that effect.
  7. Yes. You will have to wait until MS Marketplace updates.
  8. It will if you only use one throttle profile. I advise you to set up a different profile to try things like the above workaround which 'should' be temporary i.e. copy the profile and rename it CRJ Throttle or such like. Then just use that profile for the CRJs.
  9. I see everyone, including @Mathijs Kokhijacked this to take it to CRJ 550/700 Update and have dissident posters arrested So when is the 900/1000 ready to rock? xx
  10. You won't get any help in here. Use the support forums
  11. In your account page - instant downloads
  12. Attempt #5 Having restored the original folder run new installer Works Go figure
  13. Attempt #4 Restore old crj folder Run AS Updater: <wall of text> *** A NEW INSTALLER IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT. *** *** PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT FROM YOUR SHOP ACCOUNT! *** ...
  14. Extracting files... Unable to create directory ...\AppData\Local\temp\is-I5BLV\Business.json Doesn't matter if admin or not Process: Deleted old version folder Downloaded installer from my account Extracted and ran installer Went through validity checks Same error whether or not run as admin
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