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a New FF A350 Update

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32 minutes ago, Heinz Flichtbeil said:

The 1.6.16 is availabe with the Aerosoft Shop and the Customer Accounts.

But as I know it is not a Beta.

Or do you speak from the Old Download Shop?

I will check it with our Office now....

Greets Heinz


Hello Heinz,


Your shop may be listing it as v1.6.16, but in reality the latest version you are offering for download is still an older Beta version called FLIGHTFACTOR_AIRBUSA350XWB_V1615_BETA.zip, at least in the old download shop area.


I'm surprised as v1.6.16 has been available for over a week now and is still not available at Aerosoft.


Are there any plans to offer v1.6.16 in the old download shop area?


Best wishes,



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