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Flight Factor B767 Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo Profiles (Optimized for EFIS Display)

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My purpose for this set of configurations, was to enable the user to have a more practical experience of utilizing switches / controls that are commonly and most frequently used when operating the 767 (and 757).

I have listed the assignments, including their DATAREF references. 

While this is my first time programming a set of flight controls, I have tried to do so with as much relatable experience as a both a 767 and 757 pilot.



  • Magneto Switch  - EFIS Map Range selector
  • Left and Right FLT DIR toggle switches
  • AutoThrottle ARM switch toggle (as well as autothrottle disconnect switch)
  • FLCH mode
  • APU Start Switches mapped to Avionics toggles
  • Deactivated Trim wheel (to avoid in-advertent AP Disconnect bumps)


I hope this helps others out there to thoroughly enjoy the Alpha and Bravo experience, along with the great software designed by Flight Factor!

767_AB Assignments.docx 767_Alpha.json 767_Bravo.json

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  • Administrator


thank you for posting.

But a good idea would be if you upload your Honeycomb profiles into our Download pages:


Alpha :






Greets heinz

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