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SID - Problem Airbus A31x to A32x

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I have a problem  after the last Update.

It is not every flight.

A318/319/329/321  Version


When i load a flightplan, select my RWY and SID i have allways a big green Line in my display.

The plane not follow the SID it follows the big gren line.


I must after takeoff go to DIR and select a waypoint from my SID.

The the plane follows the SID


Sorry about my bad englisch writing







Screenshot 2021-02-06 111947.png

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the problem is always when i load a flightplan in the FMC.

The flight plan is coming via simbrief.

Some time it work without a problem.


I never test without a flightplan loading. 

I will test the next days if i insert my waypoints manual.


Sorry about my bad englisch writing.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The problem is not the flightplan source. It has something to do with the loadstate and the order of setting up MCDU and FCU. Each single step.

I have it also sometimes, but always struggle in trying to recreate.

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