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A3xx professional in VR?


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are there already experiences how to best run the A3xx professional busses VR?


I already made 2 tries running an A320 professional in P3Dv4.5 with Oculus Rift, but both failed due to the 3rd/settings MCDU: FlyInside for P3D failed to render the floating window correctly. And in P3D nativ VR, the 3rd MCDU floating window occurs somewhere in the center of the VR cockpit view but is not changable neither in size nor position, and the buttons of the floating window are hard to use with the Oculus pointer (the purple spot) even using the mouse.


Am I the only person not being able to use the A320 in VR? Or is there any solution around for handling the 3rd MCDU in VR?

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Update: There is a way to move and resize any instrument panel in P3D native VR, it's described in the Learning Center, section Virtual Reality/Instrument Panels:



However, I have another issue: The 3rd MCDU lighting depends on the daylight, it runs to complete black at night, see screenshots:



Anybody observed this before? Is there a solution available?




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Another update on a constant sound issue with A320 Pro in VR:

After lots of testing, it seems like the A320 generates 2 distinct layers/channels of sound which are treated differently by Win 10. To get all A320 sound into your VR headset, therefore you need to change the speakers in both of the Win 10 settings:

1. A320 engine sounds (in addition to standard P3D sounds) are passed through the Win 10 volume/audio settings in the task bar:



2. All other cockpit/crew sounds are passed through the Win 10 system sound settings:



So, to get all A320 sound into your VR headset, you need to toggle both switches. The Oculus Tray tool switches only the system sound device.


This finding is specific to the Aerosoft A320 Pro, the P3D default planes only require to change one switch which can also be done by the Oculuis Tray Tool.

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Hi Christian


I have run the Airbuses successfully in VR for quite a while already. There is actually no need to use Flyinside or any other such addon. P3D's VR abilities absolutely sufficient for me, but? you need to adjust your panel configuration files in order to get good access to the MCDUs. Firstly, I am still using EZDOK for different ca,era views (inside and outside). In addition, I modified my panel config files in order to show all relevant pop-up windows inside the cockpit in the (for me) best position. In addition, I use the GTN750 in almost every aircraft, including the Airbus. In the airliners I mainly use them as kind of "safe taxi" display, as it shows the detailed airport maps. Lastly, I use Voice Attack to control many functions like "MDU1", "MCDU2", "MCDU3" "GSX", "Fs2Crew" and so on.


I am not sure whether I am allowed to attach one of my modified panel.cfgs here. Otherwise I could copy/paste the relevant modified parts to this thread. Please let me know if you are interested.


Furthermore, I have a similar problem with the MCDUs at night. They are transparent and invisible. However, with a little workaround, changing the time to day and back to night, solves this problem.


Regarding your sound issue: Please make sure to set all Window Sound Devices (within the P3D sound settings) to the Oculus Rift Headset. This should solve your problem.


My installation: P3DV4.4, Fs2Crew, EZDOK, Voice Attack, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Tray Tool (to set supersampling to 1.6)


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Hi Felix,


thanks for all your comments, highly appreciated. Great that you run the Airbuses already for a while, I hope I will come to this point, too.


Tweaking the panel config file is definitely something I want to look into: P3D option "Panel Serialization" may allow to also store panel positions together with a scenario, but in my case with the 3rd MCDU this fails while loading back the scenario with a Deserializing error. While I found out in the meanwhile the important but undocumented panel translation along the Z axis in VR mode (LeftMouseDown + Shift + ScrollWheel), I would like to fix the panel position in the VR cockpit view. I notice that the Learning Center also describes a panel [color] feature, maybe this will help with the 3rd MCDU lighting issue (I need to stick to system time as I intend to fly in Vatsim).


Maybe you can describe where to find the correct panel config file and what exactly you changed?

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Hi Christian,

I have no experience with panel translation at all, but I can show you how I positioned the MCDUs and the GTN750 (mainly for chart view and safe taxi) in the virtual cockpit. Here are some parts of my panel.cfg:


[Window Titles]   //Rearranged for easy access by Voice Commands
Window00=Main Panel
Window01=CAPT MCDU
Window02=FO MCDU
Window03=Options MCDU
Window06=Flight1 Garmin GTN750 U1
//Window10=Horizontally Panel Bar -FSX-
//Window11=Vertical Panel Bar -FSX-
Window12=Checklist Info -FSX-
Window13=Horizontally Wing View Bar -FSX-
Window14=Vertical Wing View Bar -FSX-
Window15=Checklist Info -P3D-
Window16=Horizontally Panel Bar -P3D-
Window17=Vertical Panel Bar -P3D-
Window18=Horizontally Wing View Bar -P3D-
Window19=Vertical Wing View Bar -P3D-
window20=FS2Crew Main Panel
window21=FS2Crew Configuration Panel
window22=FS2Crew Marshaller Panel
window23=FS2Crew PA Panel
window24=FS2Crew FA Panel
window25=FS2Crew Briefing Panel


size_mm=800, 600

file=../../Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/MCDUIMG.bmp
file_1024_night=../../Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/MCDUIMG_NIGHT.bmp
window_size= 0.184, 0.485 ///window_size= 0.290, 0.750
window_pos= 0.000, 0.505 ///window_pos= 0.000, 0.250

gauge00=../../Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/DLLs/FMGS!FMGS1,  66,44,299,291, 2



gauge75=../../Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base/Panel_Fallback/KeysSEL!TOGGLE,  377,6,24,24


3DP_WORLDSPACE_POS_OFFSET = 0.3, -0.22, 0.35
;PBH: pitch, roll, yaw
3DP_PBH_OFFSET = 8 ,-3 ,35
3DP_SIZE = 0.28, 0.28


the same for Window 02 and Window 03

gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750,  0,0,937,887,UNIT1.POP
window_pos= 0.660, 0.160
window_size= 0.340, 0.580


3DP_WORLDSPACE_POS_OFFSET = -0.27, -0.18, 0.3
;PBH: pitch, roll, yaw
3DP_PBH_OFFSET = 0 ,3 ,-30
3DP_SIZE = 0.2, 0.20


Please let me know if you need more info about what I did. You may also send me a PM.

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Thanks again for the information above, I will look into this.


For now, I have also something to share which I found elsewhere in this forum: For the dark 3rd MCDU at night, Shift-L does the job!  🙂


Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. This should definitively go into the A3xxx documentation of the 3d MCDU.

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Something else I found by chance: I read in older posts that others also had the issue of tilted horizon in VR. As a solution, you can press the Space bar +  move the mouse up and down, similar to what you would do in non-VR to move the view point up and down. With this, you can adjust the view so that the horizon gets into horizontal perspective.


TIP: The popout window of the 3rd MCDU in VR always stays horizontally aligned. So, if you move the 3rd MCDU window aside (see above how to do this), you can align the horizon to the horizontal edges of the 3rd MCDU.

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