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EDDK | Installation results in CTD


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I bought Cologne-Bonn, from MSFS marketplace and it installing it resulted in CTD. Is it because MSFS packages are at a non standard location (F:\MSFS) instead of usual C:\{$User}\AppData\...


1. EDDK download completes from MSFS marketplace after purchasing it
2. Decompression starts, after decompression ends, sim freezes and then CTD


After this, when sim is started, it doesn't even reach the part where it checks for updates and results in CTD. Sim starts only after the packages are removed from OneStore under F:\MSFS\Official\OneStore along with the relevant entry from F:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-3071305499-118537375-3585845107-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\KHE


I am really at a loss here to understand what went wrong - tried it twice with exact same pattern and result. Crash dump is attached.


BTW - I have ENVA as well that was a non-MSFS marketplace purchase and that works fine.


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Please take a look a this thread and see if following the suggestion works. The thread is in German, but any translator app will render a suitable version you can follow. The key to the fix is getting rid of the Rolling Cache. Enabling the cache seem to provide a benefit to a small number of users, but headaches to many many more. Please reply back on whether this helped or not.


Also, since you bought it through the MFS Marketplace, have you filed a report at the formal MFS support site (zendesk)? If not, see the links here for places to look on the MFS site and for the zendesk.

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I filed a zendesk and haven't got any reply therefore was looking for clues here. Thanks!


Also, since marketplace is also controlled by MFS, ideally when someone downloads a scenery, they should be looking it up in the rolling cache and clear it. It shouldn't be very difficult and will eliminate headache for a lot of people. Can this be suggested to Asobo by Aerosoft?

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