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[EDDK] Cologne-Bonn floating lights


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first of all I would like to tell you, that I was very happy to see my "home airport" as one of the first beeing released for MSFS, thanks for that.

Due to the new technique, SDK and options all develeoper have now, I´m wondering a bit about these floating light balls everywhere. Well this of couse not only releated to this szenery, as it is possible to spot them everywhere in the world of MSFS.
I guess these are a kind of light source, which illuminates their surrounding, what is a really a cool thing, but why are they set so random and why is it not possible to put them into lightpoles ?

It´s not only that they are floating around, they also appear out of nothing.


Here a two sample picuture for a better understanding:

First is during daytime and the next when the light appears a bit more zoomed in ( I mean the one between the left light pole and the hanger, just overhead the aircraft).






It´s quite clear to see that there´s no lightpole and suddenly there´s this light, floating.
Funny is also that somehtimes there are lightpoles, but this lightsource ball is only next to it, so the pole is getting useless :D

Is there a chance to get this fixed in future updates?


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