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SAM FollowMe XP released

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Don't get lost on any airport by using SAM FollowMe service to guide you to your parking position. Select your favorite parking spot and follow the vehicle in either realistic or user-friendly driving mode to your destination. Using an intelligent routing logic, it will guide you along the default taxi network, even on default airports. Furthermore, a 3D marshaller will ensure that you will park at the correct spot.



  • FollowMe Guidance Service on all (even default) airports
  • Compatible with any default or 3rd party aircraft
  • 5 different animated vehicles, depending on the airport/region
  • Realistic driving behavior (acceleration, braking etc.) along default taxiway network
  • 2 different operation modes:
    • Target speed with automatic distance tracking, acceleration and deceleration (default)
    • Fixed distance according to user aircraft speed (user friendly)
  • Intelligent routing + parking entry logic
  • 3D Marshaller for final parking position guidance
  • Custom scenery support:
    • Custom vehicle objects can be included
    • Scenery marshaller will be overwritten automatically



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