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AS Updater and All AS products problems

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Hello Gentz;

Just this morning I was going to do a flight with a CRJ 700/900 and noticed that on my PD34.5 Sim menu all AES (319-20-21-330) have disappeared or became un-functional. All products (to included airports) are not listed as it shows regularly. I have not made any changes to it or un-installed anything at all. In fact I was just using it the day prior and no error msg nor warning were noticed. Could you please assist?, have no idea what just took place here?.



Fernandito R. 



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  • Tom A320 changed the title to AS Updater and All AS products problems


Thanks Tom...Duly Noticed.


To Hans;..To your question; There are currently there as I can see and here they have always being!...See anything that I am missing?

I did not noticed any problems at all this past days. For the looks every thing was working just fine.



Fernandito R.


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Hello Mop;

Sorry but I am a bit confused with your text on top. As I understand "All" my Aerosoft files are on the current locations since first installed existed and the location that the Updater points out for the exception of the CRJ and 3 airports were installed in my system's D:\ What Am I missing here? What I can see that the screenshot shows something different?. Could you please make it more simple to follow?. As already mentioned all were working fine a few days ago and no deliberate changes were made!  Do you think that re-install all the AES Products must be necessary?    



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