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Issue with order not being shipped, customer support doesnt respond

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Not sure if this is the right place to get some support.
I have sent numerous emails in last 5-6 days regarding my order being shipped and not delayed a month due to a mistake on Aerosoft's side. But in last 5-6 emails i just got an email of them delaying my order without any reason given, which is really awful move and practice.
To add to this i am not the only one having problem like this, i know another 2 persons that had the same issue as i did.

Whats the problem:
1. I ordered Honeycomb Alpha yoke on 29th of September in afternoon just hour after it showed up on website as being ready to ship and in stock. (have proof)

2. My order was still showing as not being proccessed on 30th, i came back to check on 1st october and it was still the same. Then i went to see the page of of alpha yoke and it showed as red with saying a few left in stock next batch in november.

3. Starting then i still havent seen any confirmation of my order being shipped, so i started sending emails and opening ticket over next few days. 

4. Yestrday morning i just got a few words back from Aerosoft saying they will ship my honeycomb yoke in November and thats it.

5. I have sent them all proof with screenshot of yoke being in stock before and after i ordered as ready to ship, along with my order number and showing my order was placed right on time, so there is no reason why i should wait another month when i ordered when it was in stock.

6. To add to all of this, community i am in had ordered multiple yokes here, and i know 2 people that had the same issue while some others that ordered on 1st of october from aerosoft already got their yoke delievered on weekend.

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Unfortunately we are aware of this case.
Last week we received a container, but we had more pre-orders than Yokes inside the received container.
Unfortunately, our system thought it was enough, as it did not consider a retail order. Only for this reason the article was shown as available.

We expect a new batch November 2020. If you would like to cancel your order, please let us know.


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