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Hi i have just updated my Airbus series to the latest versions, however i am having problems with the A318/19 but not with the A320/330 buses.


Problems with A318/19

1: No view bars anymore.

2: Pop MCDU cannot click on aircraft state to set to cold and dark

3: Cannot use ground services, will not let me connect the Aircraft to ground power or do anything else.


I Have done a full uninstall and re-install with my antivirus and firewall disabled, both the A320/330 work fine for the time being, but something is not right with the A318/19 Buses.

all updated in order with A330 being the last to update.


Also i have done a flight from KMIA to EDDF over 8 hours of flight, everything is smooth for a the majority of the flight but for some reason when i get towards the end of the flight my FPS drops to below 10, with the A330, i believe there is a memory leak on this aircraft or a bug. i don't know.

i have performed the same flight with both PMDG and QW, and both are smooth with in excess of 30FPS, all three flight have had the same settings Active sky (live Mode) and ProATCX.


if you can help it would be grateful.

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Did you try reinstalling the A318-319 completely from scratch? Let me know if this works.

We haven't been able to find any memory leaks from our own testing so far. But if any other users have this issue as well or you keep experiencing it please let us know and we'll check.

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yes i already did that, i updated first time, found the problem then uninstalled the all three buses deleted everything Aerosoft and performed a full re-install and then updated starting with the A318/19 then the 20/21 then the 330. 

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Alright. Currently not really sure then what’s causing this for you. I’ll make some further tests but so far I recall the 3rd MCDU and all other things working fine on all aircraft.


is the issue on both A318 and A319. On both engine types? What sim version are you running?

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Yeah both A318 and A319 both engine types, i have the latest P3D v5 with HF2 latest windows everything is up to date.


What i have noticed is that when it starts in its default view mode (Virtual cockpit) the view bars don't show up, but when i change to cockpit mode the view bars do then show up, but never in virtual cockpit mode.

still no power. 


if you look at the picture below it show the view mode its it and the pop up MCDU.

A319 Cockpit mode.png


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I just did a new completely clean reinstall of the A318 & A319 to test this out once more. I am not able to recreate this issue.

Only thing that comes to my mind is that there is something wrong on the asc.cfg file. Could you go to ...\Aerosoft A318-A319 Pro V5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A319 CFM Professional\Panel and post the asc.cfg file from there for me to check quickly as well.

Other than that I am out of ideas. Is there anyone else that also has this issue with the latest update



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WavDir=Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Sound_ASC
AddonName=Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional



Moderator edit: Removed most of the content because there are so many rows in that file

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Are you 100% sure that you used the P3Dv5 installer when you installed the aircraft?

It looks like you have used the P3Dv4 installer because you have the "UsePrepar3Dv5=0".

I recommend you try reinstalling again once more time and make absolutely sure that you have the correct v5 installer for the A318&319.

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i have sorted it myself i think where it was saying "UsePrepar3Dv5=0", i have just changed the 0 to a 1 and everything has started working again.

when i reinstalled the product without the update the product works fine, but then when updated the product something has changed UsePrepar3Dv5=1 to a 0.

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OK thanks. I will double check this file once more on a fully clean reinstall. I thought that changing the UsePrepar3Dv5 from 0 to 1 would solve your issue but it's not guaranteed that's the only file affected. Could you please monitor that you don't have anything else abnormal happening on your flights.

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Hi MikeCK,

Same question to you. Are you 100% sure that you used the correct v4 or v5 installer for the A320/A321.

Can you check the asc.cfg file from the previously mentioned location and if you have "UsePrepar3Dv5=0" set accordingly. 0 for P3Dv4 and 1 for P3Dv5

I am not sure right now other than using the wrong installer what could go wrong with the update process because I am simply unable to recreate this issue myself when downloading the latest installer for v4 and v5 and then applying the update there.

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