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  1. Hi if this has been covered i apologies, i'm mid flight between EDDF and KSEA went for on outside view and have noticed that from both engines there are these white blocks to simulate the exhaust fumes, it doesn't happen all the time but i have never had this issue before, since the last update. my settings have stayed the same as always they are not maxed out at all . my graphics card is MSI trio RTX 2080 and is updated to the latest version. any help would be great.
  2. AAL


    i have sorted it myself i think where it was saying "UsePrepar3Dv5=0", i have just changed the 0 to a 1 and everything has started working again. when i reinstalled the product without the update the product works fine, but then when updated the product something has changed UsePrepar3Dv5=1 to a 0.
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    trying a reinstall below are screen shots of the file where its being placed
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    [General] WavDir=Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Sound_ASC UseAddonSystem=1 UsePrepar3Dv5=0 AddonName=Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional [SYSTEM] sound00=PARKING_BRAKES,0 ... Moderator edit: Removed most of the content because there are so many rows in that file
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    Yeah both A318 and A319 both engine types, i have the latest P3D v5 with HF2 latest windows everything is up to date. What i have noticed is that when it starts in its default view mode (Virtual cockpit) the view bars don't show up, but when i change to cockpit mode the view bars do then show up, but never in virtual cockpit mode. still no power. if you look at the picture below it show the view mode its it and the pop up MCDU.
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    yes i already did that, i updated first time, found the problem then uninstalled the all three buses deleted everything Aerosoft and performed a full re-install and then updated starting with the A318/19 then the 20/21 then the 330.
  7. Hi i have just updated my Airbus series to the latest versions, however i am having problems with the A318/19 but not with the A320/330 buses. Problems with A318/19 1: No view bars anymore. 2: Pop MCDU cannot click on aircraft state to set to cold and dark 3: Cannot use ground services, will not let me connect the Aircraft to ground power or do anything else. I Have done a full uninstall and re-install with my antivirus and firewall disabled, both the A320/330 work fine for the time being, but something is not right with the A318/19 Buses. all update
  8. i had the same issue found out my windows defender was false flagging As Updater my As Updater would show up a white screen for a few seconds then close, i turned off the windows defender and the As Updater worked fine. i raised and ticket i with Aerosoft got a reply saying they have had similar issues from other users. this is the reply i got sent. Unfortunately, this is due to a false flag which is caused by the Anti-Virus believing our installers are installing malware on some systems due to how the installer works. Unfortunately, we see this happening quite often, bu
  9. After testing with windows Real time protection off the As updater works fine, but once real time protection is turned back on it will load a white screen then close in seconds. so i turned it back real time protection back off and the As updater works fine. My Conclusion is that windows Real time protection is thinking that the AS Updater is some sort of Malware.
  10. Hi i am having an issue with the updater, i have the lastest windows 10 version (2004) installed. when i turn off my anti-virus the software installs fine and i am able to use AS updater, but as soon as i turn it back on and go to load the AS updater the screen will load up white then disappear within a few seconds. i have put the whole Aerosoft file that is located in my Document as an exclusion, but no joy. any help would be great.
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