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Checklist / CoPilot Command Issues -

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Gents, would like to point out some issues I'm having post the latest update

With the checklists & copilot enabled, these items below are not being completed properly as they have in the past:


  • after pushback, flaps are called to the setting in MCDU. Copilot audible confirms correct flap setting, but flaps are commanded to full. I have to manually adjust to intended setting. Repeatable on every flight
  • after takeoff, flaps are called to be retracted. Copilot commands flaps retract. ECAM indicates '0', but flap position indicator (directly above '0') remains set. I have to manually push F6 to physically retract flaps. Repeatable on every flight
  • On decent and just below transition level, Pilot calls 'transition level'. Copilot attempts to adjust altimeter to local setting, but is stuck in a loop and cannot change the baro setting. Pilot repeats the call for transition level and will continue until I 'skip item' in checklist menu. I am then able to manually set proper altimeter. This issue is intermittent. 
  • In some cases on approach and landing where fps drops below 15, checklist activity will stop completely.
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Can you please name us the model you are talking about (e.g. A318-A321 or A330) because the checklists are different. Also we need the P3D version you are using e.g. P3D v4.5 or P3D v5.0. Then we can try to reproduce the issue you mentioned. Until now you seem to be the only user having this problem and therefore I doubt that it is related to the checklist software - also because we changed nothing in respect to flaps during the last cpouple of months. Maybe something happened during the update and first I suggest to make a new clean fresh install of the airbus version you are using.




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