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  1. Thanks Hans, I'm using ASP3D with real weather. The flights that had this issue didn't have strong winds. At some random point during cruise, the AP would just disconnect. No matter what I do, the only I've found to reconnect is to drop below 8000ft. I don't have this problem in any other aircraft, and even in the CRJ, it's only intermittent, but more often than not. I will say I think this only started after I installed and started to use the ASP3D Beta. They've been having issues of their own where the sim would CTD at random points. I'm hoping when a more stable release of ASP3D is out, the AP disconnect problem will stop. On the positive side, it definitely keeps you alert and tests your skills!
  2. Thanks Dave, appreciate it. I"m hoping there will be more profiles added in the future, like for the CRJ especially, and perhaps non-Aerosoft planes, like the Leonardo MD80
  3. Hi, I (think) I'm following the procedure to load and activate a profile but I'm not having any luck. Does P3d have to be running for the activation to work? Otherwise, the yoke isn't controlling anything in the VC of the A320 pro. I ended up using FSUIPC to map the axis, which works fine.
  4. I'm trying to track down what may be causing the issue, but this also may be a result of my configuration of trying to get the Honeycomb Yoke to control lights via FSUIPC. Since there's no profile yet for the CRJ, I decided to use FSUIPC to setup macros, assigned to the Honeycomb yoke switches to control various lights. All works fine, but the flights I had after I set these up would disconnect the AP during flight, and I would then not be able to re-connect the AP until I was below 8000ft. I did assign the right side yoke red button to be the AP disconnect also as a macro, but I hadn't pressed it. I tried 3 different flights, and all have had this same behavior. I'd take off, and climb out, get to cruise all with the AP engaged and functioning normally, until I either make an altitude change or enter the arrival details in the fmc. It's at that point the AP master will disconnect. The individual buttons still light up (HDG, ALT, Speed), but I can't get the AP Master to reconnect until after I get below 8000 ft. Is it possible FSUIPC is sending some odd data causing this? Also, I notice that after setting the FSUIPC axis assignments to the Logitech Throttles (1-Throttle, 2- Spoiler, 3- Flaps), If I'm starting up the engines, and then set flaps to flap 1, the engines move up to full power (the VC throttle controls aren't moving). I have to manually move the Logitech throttle level up slightly to regain control of the engine throttles and bring them back to idle. Appreciate any insight into what may be causing the problem. Thanks P3D v4.5 HF3
  5. Are there plans to release honeycomb profiles for the CRJ and A330? if not, can you direct me how to program the yoke switches to assign aircraft lights?
  6. Update - A full restart seems to have fixed the issue. I think what happened was I initially loaded an A319 that for whatever reason didnt load the VC. Something must have been wrong with the repaint file. I then switched to another A319 and that's when the issue happened. Apologies if I missed that in the manual, but it should be noted if its not as a matter of procedure - don't switch from one Airbus to another airbus in the same sim session.
  7. After each engine start up, engines go to full power (N1 is at full power and engine noise sounds at full). Throttle controls are set visibly at idle in the VC. If I move throttles to CL position, engines (and sound) go back to idle N1. I tried to reset the aircraft state to cold & dark and go through the entire startup procedure again, but having the same issue. Not having this problem in any other dev planes (haven't tried any other variant of airbus yet). My external devices are controlling the airbus throttles visibly properly. I can't figure what could be causing the issue. I haven't changed any control mapping or made any setting changes. Appreciate any help, thanks
  8. Hi, Just installed the new bus versions, and noticed there's a new livery manager. For some reason, none of the zip files I've used in the previous iteration of the livery manager seem to work in the new manager. I'm making sure I have the proper airbus type, yet I get an error with each that I try to install.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a try.
  10. During the setup/takeoff phase, all seems to be functioning normally, however once on approach, the FO is not performing certain tasks such as lights are not configured below 10k, and there's an issue with the FO's tray table that it's stuck in a loop. The call is made to store tray tables, but the FOs is not moving, yet the sound that it makes is playing over and over. I'm not able to 'Skip item' in the checklist to make it stop, however, I can click on the tray table to make it stow. From that point on, the FO is not functioning as the loop is causing no other tasks to be performed. I have to disengage checklists completely. P3d 4.5 HF3 Thanks
  11. According to the FMS manager, it's mapped correctly to the CRJ pro, and the AIRAC is up to date, however in the plane, that doesn't appear to be the case. Where should the airac be saved to for the CRj pro?
  12. I have the updater set to look for experimental updates. As of this morning, everything is current.
  13. This problem had appeared also in the A320/319 at different times. The issue is the checklists are calling out to turn lights off at 10000, however the copilot cannot turn the lights off. If I try to manually turn the switch, it immediately turns back on. The only way to turn lights off is to disengage the checklists. Like I mentioned above, this same problem existed in the A320, but I believe it was addressed in a previous update. I am running the latest experimental builds and saw a post that this should have been addressed in the most recent update, however for me, the problem persists.
  14. You closed the thread before I had a chance to reply. Appreciate the info, but should this folder (A3XX Nav Data) be updated by navigraph? Currently it has 1809
  15. So... when an installation of an update, such as the most recent, a set of folders are created called A3xx Nav Data which contains the airac from the installer, I'm assuming for those that don't subscribe to Navigraph. I also have a folder in the same place called A3XX Navigraph which is the continually updated nav data each month. Do I delete the 'A3XX Nav Data' folder if I'm using a Navigraph subscription?
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