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  1. I'm just asking if this title could go on a sale at some point. I'd like to buy it, but the regular price is a bit high.
  2. Could PFPX please go on sale or offer a discount
  3. Thanks Hans - would it make more sense to create a honeycomb profile for the CRJ pro?
  4. Correction to my earlier post, All 4 toggle switches have to be on for the AP to remain functioning - Master Alt & Bat, Avionics Bus1 & Bus2
  5. Reporting back - I think I found the issue. It's the Honeycomb yoke. The default switch settings in P3d that are mapped to the honeycomb yoke 'Master Alt & Bat' or button 13 & 15. I never use these switches, and have never mapped them to anything, so in my setup, these switches are always off. When I get above 22000 ft, the AP disconnects. If these switches are 'on', the AP functions as normal. I'm curious why did the AP only disconnect when above 22000ft? Both the Master Alt & Bat switch have to be on for the AP to remain functioning. I checked in P3d, and neither of those are assigned to anything. Likewise, in FSUIPC, there is no mapping. So until I can figure how to unassign these I'll remember to turn them on each flight. I can't believe it's taken this long to figure this out. Appreciate all the help with this. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.
  6. Reporting back on status: I reinstalled in my last post and in the first few flights, all is working as expected. I hadn't used the CRJ in over a week and now just tried a flight and I'm getting the same issue where the aircraft loads into the sim (after spawning using a default p3d plane) cold and dark, but completely unresponsive. Dave doesn't function, the yoke is stuck turned all the way left. I can't apply power or do anything. I'm still suspecting that Windows Defender is somehow finding a specific system file for the CRJ and removing it, although I think I have all the p3d folders excluded. unless there's some hidden folder the CRJ is installing system files to, I'm at a loss to what the problem is. For now, I'm not able to use the CRJ (any type or livery) at all. Not sure what to try next
  7. Thanks Rolf, So far this is happening in the A320/321 I'm using P3d 4.5HF3 I'll try a reinstall and report back - thanks
  8. the 0 vspeed was happening on every flight concurrent to the AP disconnect problem, at any airport. My thought is perhaps there was some corruption during install which was causing both issues.
  9. ok, so after a third uninstall/reinstall, AP appears to be functioning normally. I realized after the third install I was also having an issue with Dave. While the AP issue was happening, Dave could not set any vspeeds for takeoff - all speeds were '0'. Now since the latest reinstall and AP is working, vspeeds are reading correctly. I"m wondering if Windows Defender is somehow causing this issue either during the install or during flight. I'm usually really good about making sure Defender real-time protection is off during any install and when P3d is running, but it has a way of turning itself on randomly. I also recall during the last install, there was a Windows redistributible install that launched at the end of the CRJ install. I want to say that didn't happen on the previous installs, but I could be remembering that wrong. I'll continue to monitor and report back any changes. Appreciate you trying to come up with a solution.
  10. Gents, would like to point out some issues I'm having post the latest update With the checklists & copilot enabled, these items below are not being completed properly as they have in the past: after pushback, flaps are called to the setting in MCDU. Copilot audible confirms correct flap setting, but flaps are commanded to full. I have to manually adjust to intended setting. Repeatable on every flight after takeoff, flaps are called to be retracted. Copilot commands flaps retract. ECAM indicates '0', but flap position indicator (directly above '0') remains set. I have to manually push F6 to physically retract flaps. Repeatable on every flight On decent and just below transition level, Pilot calls 'transition level'. Copilot attempts to adjust altimeter to local setting, but is stuck in a loop and cannot change the baro setting. Pilot repeats the call for transition level and will continue until I 'skip item' in checklist menu. I am then able to manually set proper altimeter. This issue is intermittent. In some cases on approach and landing where fps drops below 15, checklist activity will stop completely.
  11. I did a restart, loaded a default P3d plane, then loaded the CRJ, same issue. just make sure, I'm going to try a reinstall of the CRJ (again) and try once more.
  12. So now I have a new problem with the CRJ. Unrelated, but maybe not. When I spawn P3d 4.5 into the sim, I chose the CRJ and an airport and gate. The sim loads, and I'm in the VC. The CRJ is cold & dark (usually it spawns in a turnaround state), none of the switches make any sound, but they move. I can't click on Dave - nothing happens. My flight control surfaces don't move any of the controls. Very strange. I can chose a different plane (default), and all works fine. I tried reboot of the system, doesn't help. Is it possible there's some windows dependency that's unique to the CRJ that could be corrupt or missing?
  13. Thanks Hans, I will try Yes, always around the same altitude. If it matters, I also own the Airbus Pro collection and A330 - all those function as intended.
  14. Not sure what else to try. I uninstalled/reinstalled the CRJ again. Doesn't matter if I start with cold & dark or turnaround state. I can recreate the issue every flight - AP will disconnect above 20k and will not reconnect for the remainder of the flight. What's interesting is the individual AP system do turn on, I just can't engage the master AP. Yoke sensitivity is set to low. Yoke controls are not managed by FSUIPC, just passed through to standard mappings in P3d. I keep Windows Defender off when P3d is running just in case.
  15. Don't have any virtual FO (FS2crew), but I am using FSUIPC for a Honeycomb yoke, logitech throttle and rudder pedals. All controls are 'passed through' to p3d standard mappings with the exception of reverse thrust, which is a button map to 'thrust decr' w/continuous repeat, release is set to thrust cut.
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