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PFPX Support for FS2020?

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In a number of days, FS2020 will be made available for download.


All the big airline developers will be moving over to this new sim.


Are their plans to update PFPX to support this new simulator?


Several of the big issues I foresee, is the new sim will have a different weather system (no longer based on Active Sky), and navigation database will no longer be based on Navigraph?


Does Aerosoft management have any plans or thoughts about this?


Bill Clark


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By far the best option for weather planning in PFPX is its own online weather source which returns a forecast over time. This applies now and shouldn't be any different for the new sim as it not related to a sim platform at all, it doesn't need to be.

Using sim addon weather engines currently in PFPX only returns the weather at the time of planning and not a forecast, this is why the time slider on the map display cannot be moved. Activesky later introduced api access which would allow forecasting but this is not implemented in PFPX and is but one weather engine.

Maybe AS can answer the Navblue question, will they be making data sources available to third parties in competition to Navigraph-Jeppesen & Aerosoft LIDO or will this be limited to in-sim only. If the latter will addon developers be able to access that data. Is the AIRAC updated per cycle.

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