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After using this lovely aircraft (318-321 pack) for years, suddenly a new problem - the checklist using co-pilot function, works until top of descent and then after that, nothing.  I haven't changed any settings.  On vacating the runway the APU is turned on and flaps/spoilers/lights all go to required settings but no audio heard.  

Any ideas?

Using the 32 Bit A320 and A319, Win10, FSX_SE (but aerosoft direct purchase of the aircraft).

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Hi, today I made a flight with A321 (Lufthansa) using checklists. Everithing was good since after takeoff. At this point the aircraft was climbing to the final FL but no checklist was working after "After Takeoff  CL". I've finished my flight without CLs.

I'm using Airbus professional experimental version on W10 64bit, P3D v4.5 HF3.

Is there a "reset CL" option in order to restart checklists flow at the current flight phase?


Thanks in advance,


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