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Question regarding danger areas and warning areas

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I have a question about flight planning in danger/warning areas. Sometimes PFPX will generate a route through these areas and also there are airways that pass through these areas. Is it normal for a flightplan to be approved in this situation (in the real world)? Looking at the picture below you can see the B595 airway near NTAA goes straight through a danger area.




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These areas are often designated active either by time or NOTAM, from your image the NT(D) 21 & 22 areas are not active as they are only in outline.


In Europe when validating a flightplan it may well return that area is active and you'll need to route around it. This function is likely automatic in the commercial version where data feeds not available to us simmers are used.


You can activate the area manually via the Restrictive Airspace menu and changing its status, automatic route finding should then route around the closure:






From the French Polynesia AIP:



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