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Sidestick shipping patience advice?

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I'm going nuts! Live in North America, ordered my thrustmaster TCA Sidestick from a North American reseller (because Aerosoft shipping from Europe was medium-pricey) and I can't wait to get it! 


I'm so excited to finally have something to complement / replace my (I kid you not) 16-year old CH products lunker. But I need something to pass the time. I didn't pay for extra fast shipping, so I've selected a few options that represent this choice for you to essentially vote on:


1. Become a VATSIM controller

2. Learn Chinese 

3. Repaint my house

4. Have a child with my wife

5. Walk to Toronto and pick the thing up myself

6. Buy a real Airbus from a boneyard at a sweet COVID discount and scavenge an actual sidestick from it, turn the rest of the plane into a kids park 




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Do keep support in mind. Think Threshold Aviation or Amazon has a special person for answering questions on these things? 
We do. I think in Cedric we have one of the most knowledgeable people around to handle your questions.

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