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Missing A330 fuel howl at reverse stage

Thomas Ammann

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Hi Aerosoft

Back in April i told you that the fuel howl at reverse stage is missing

The issue is now since the update Mathijs wrote back in April, that they will have a look at this, but now in July and some updates later, the fuwl howl at reverse is still missing.

Are there any plans to bring the fuel howl at reverse stage back in the A330?



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Hi Thomas,


Nice to hear from you.


The engine howl is most pronounced on takeoff. IMHO landing the only noise I have ever noticed in the A330 with REV is a very loud muffle of the reverse with a lot of shaking and panel movement from the cockpit. If we are after realism we are certainly not after the takeoff howl on landing. The aerosoft 330 sounds are very representative of the real thing. The landing roll is very noisy!!


Very much appreciate your interest in making this machine as accurate as it can be!!







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