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  1. Cant seem to get idle reverse working. It goes straight to rev max - any suggestions?
  2. Did you happen to open from a saved flight? Also, did you notice the fuel flow numbers in the cruise?
  3. Gary, the manuals will answer the questions, but may I also recommend YouTube if you perfer watching someone do it - there are a few "cold and dark" setups and takeoffs on the 320/330 in p3d which describe how its done. They may not be 100% correct but it will get you airborne without any issues. Give it a try. Good luck.
  4. Hi Thomas, Nice to hear from you. The engine howl is most pronounced on takeoff. IMHO landing the only noise I have ever noticed in the A330 with REV is a very loud muffle of the reverse with a lot of shaking and panel movement from the cockpit. If we are after realism we are certainly not after the takeoff howl on landing. The aerosoft 330 sounds are very representative of the real thing. The landing roll is very noisy!! Very much appreciate your interest in making this machine as accurate as it can be!!
  5. Sorry, editing my post as i may have misread the initial one Viperlead - are you saying the aerosoft model noses down, or up at 50ft?
  6. Hello, Any tricks to get the A330 working in P3D v5? I've tried copying and also reinstalling, but no luck. Thank you, AT69
  7. Hi team, I note that with an engine inop, the autothrust continues to work in the CLB detent. This is incorrect - the autothrust will only work in the MCT detent during a single engine scenario. Is this a known issue/bug? Regards,
  8. Surely this is a pretty important item to model? Any idea on a time line?
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