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Connected Flight Deck is now useless.. Do you plan on fixing it at all?

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We've installed the experimental version and it's went from being a relatively stable CFD that we could do a full session with one or two issues to a completely unusable pile of junk. Radios sync no longer works on comm 1 or comm 2, transponder sync no longer works, the constantly switching Nav/Logo switch is still an issue, the APU start/stop syncs correctly only occasionally, the lower MFD still flickers between two display pages (usually doors and APU). We have also not been able to complete a single crash free CFD flight since installing this experimental update. Now, I could live with all this in an experimental version, after all it's experimental, but what I find completely unacceptable and irritating is that we are being forced to use it as the latest 'stable' version no longer allows you to create and join sessions. Do Aerosoft plan on actually fixing these issues at all or have you already moved on to the next MSFS 2020 cash cow. I keep seeing the phrase the developers are aware, when do you think we might start seeing the phrase the developers have fixed. I'm assuming of course you even read or reply to these clubs.

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My friends,


Please accept our sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  Our failure to get back to you is anything but typical.


I don't have answers to your questions and the person who does has been on travel and otherwise out of the office, but I believe he is due back soon.  I've sent him an email  with a link to this topic, so hopefully he will reply here very soon.


Again, please accept our sincere and heartfelt apology.


Yours truly,


Dave Hodges


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