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  1. Well that pretty much confirms the kind of support you get from Aerosoft. I expected nothing more to be honest.
  2. We've installed the experimental version and it's went from being a relatively stable CFD that we could do a full session with one or two issues to a completely unusable pile of junk. Radios sync no longer works on comm 1 or comm 2, transponder sync no longer works, the constantly switching Nav/Logo switch is still an issue, the APU start/stop syncs correctly only occasionally, the lower MFD still flickers between two display pages (usually doors and APU). We have also not been able to complete a single crash free CFD flight since installing this experimental update. Now, I could live with all
  3. Ever since we updated to the latest experimental, which it appears we had to do to continue using CFD sessions, the radios no longer sync between the PF and PM. They work fine for each individual pilot on their own PC, but the others PC does not reflect any changes made They will neither change frequency nor switch between Standby and Active on either Com 1 or Com 2. Each pilot has to operate their own coms. It worked perfectly well before the update. Any suggestions or clue how to fix this. There also appears to be a sync issue with the APU sometimes not starting or stopping (agai
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