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Hyd Elec Pump

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Hi! After installing the latest update for Aerosoft A330, I have a small but strange problem.


When opening and closing the cargo doors, the text "HYD ELEC PUMP" flickers and when looking in the spot view the doors shake and the sound is kind of "choppy" until the door is opened or closed. The problem doesnt seem to effect the aircraft in any other way. But what might be causing this problem?


By the way, the A330 is such a magnificent aircraft to fly in. It is my definitive favorite in my hangar and I use it as much as I can during this corona-summer.


I am using P3d v4.5 HF3 (latest version), Active Sky, GSX Level 2, Ultimate Traffic Live and lots of Aerosoft and other add-on airports if that has something to do with this small problem.


Best regards


Jan Jönsson

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3 hours ago, masterhawk said:

We noted it, will be fixed.

Thanks 👍😁

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