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Aerosoft a320 Professional cant keep up with speed.

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I bought the Aerosoft a320 Pro a few weeks ago and since then I could not complete a single flight. every time I try to fly it at cruise the bus cannot keep up with the selected speed, (through the MCDU and A/P panel). 

A few days ago I tried flying the bus on a Vatsim event hoping It will work, the controller told me to stay at mach .78 or above for separation purposes but the bus didn't manage to do that, I had to disconnect from Vatsim because I saw I was causing trouble.the weather at the time was about 30 knots of headwind, which will make the bus struggle but It should still be able to keep the speed up. I am using Prepar3D v5 and I have other aircraft for example the PMDG 747, which I fly a lot (mainly oceanic) and as you there can be a lot of wind above the Atlantic ocean but the 747 handles It perfectly. The Aerosft however does not, you can see huge jumps of speed on the PFD sometimes 50 knots. I am sorry if there are any other topics relating to my issue, I did not find any.


I am using P3D V5 and FSXWX (a freeware weather engine) I know you would say that's the weather engine is the problem because it's not compatible with v5 but other aircraft handle the weather engine perfectly so I see no reason why it would be the weather engine and not a problem with the bus.


Thank you very much 

Yuval :)


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Hi Yuval,


as you correctly figured it might indeed very well be the weather engine.
Those speed jumps on the PFD you mention are most certainly wind changes (there is nothing else that could cause this), so the weather engine is involved. P3Dv5 has some wind issues which have to be overcome by the weather engine. Active Sky does that, but if your weather engine is not P3Dv5 compatible then chances are it doens't.


Now why does that maybe only effect the Airbus? There could be several factors involved.
1) Many aircraft developers don't simulate high altitude effects on flight dynamics. A certain 757/767 for instance are simulated with the same stall speed at high altitude as they have at low altitude. That's a difference of over a hundret knots in stall speed! Of course they deny such effects would even exist.... lovely 135$ products,  well worth the money! ;)

2) Aircraft like the 747 have a large range of speeds at typical cruising levels. The difference between upper and lower speed limits in a 747 is greater than in an A320 when flying at similar levels. Thus the effect of wind shifts are less pronounced.

3) Many developers ignore the effect of temprature on engine thrust ratings. If your weather engine inserts +40°C at FL370 the whole engine calculation of a *well simulated* addon will get messed up.
If the developer doens't care about such effects and still gives you full thrust then of course the effect of the weather on that particular addon will not be visible. A bug hiding a bug so to say.


Of course other factors might come into play as well.

WIthout actually seeing what you see it'd hard to impossible to diagnose your problem though.
Please post some screenshots and we'll be able to give you better help.


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Thank you for replying.


I am flying the PMDG 737 ngxu as well in P3D v5 and like the 747 it handels the winds perfectly, It's easier to compare the 737 to the a320 then the 747, I'll try to post screenshots of the bus in flight. As the PMDG Products cost 100+ Dollars and the Aerosoft bus only 60$ I do believe that the problem is in the bus, I simply trust PMDG more and I know that their product are the most superior aircraft addons for Prepar3D, I do however love how the Aerosft bus look and I do want to be able to fly it, the a320 is just the cutest aircraft of them all.




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