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  1. Thank you for replying. I am flying the PMDG 737 ngxu as well in P3D v5 and like the 747 it handels the winds perfectly, It's easier to compare the 737 to the a320 then the 747, I'll try to post screenshots of the bus in flight. As the PMDG Products cost 100+ Dollars and the Aerosoft bus only 60$ I do believe that the problem is in the bus, I simply trust PMDG more and I know that their product are the most superior aircraft addons for Prepar3D, I do however love how the Aerosft bus look and I do want to be able to fly it, the a320 is just the cutest aircraft of them all.
  2. Hello, I bought the Aerosoft a320 Pro a few weeks ago and since then I could not complete a single flight. every time I try to fly it at cruise the bus cannot keep up with the selected speed, (through the MCDU and A/P panel). A few days ago I tried flying the bus on a Vatsim event hoping It will work, the controller told me to stay at mach .78 or above for separation purposes but the bus didn't manage to do that, I had to disconnect from Vatsim because I saw I was causing trouble.the weather at the time was about 30 knots of headwind, which will make the bus struggle but It should s
  3. Although, sorry for the double post. The update will be free right? So If I buy It now there are two possible scenarios - 1. It works and I enjoy flying it. 2. It does not work and I just wait for the free update. Right? I'm sorry I'm being a little bit stuborn I just really want to try the a320. Thank you so much. Yuval.
  4. Ok, I guess I'm gonna wait a little bit thank you very much!✈️
  5. Hello, Thanks for replying. I saw on YouTube that there is a way to Install the busses for v5, so I wanted to know if there is any reason why I shouldn't buy It now as the update will be free. Yuval.
  6. Hello, I bought Prepar3D v5 a few days ago, I bought some addons and now It's time to purchase my first aircraft, My main thought is to go with the Aerosoft a320/321 professional. I follow this topic carefully - In the Mathijs Kok said that the update to P3C v5 will be free, and that the aircraft does work just not perfectly and that It is not yet officially v5 compatible. If I buy It now can expect to get a free update guaranteed or should I wait a few weeks? Also I want to know if there is any difference in the quality of the addon between the a318/319 Pro and the a320/32
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