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Aerosoft EHAM issues


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Hello, sorry if this is in a wrong forum, but I've recently bought the Aerosoft EHAM for X Plane 11, now I have a few problems, first one is that whenever I connect to VATSIM the sim crashes within a minute. There are no other gates than only C10 and C11 for example, C14 and others are not there, when in replay on a real world spotting place at EHAM when behind a fence the aircraft dissapears magically, and when having autogate and SAM suite plugin it doesn't do anything at all at EHAM 



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Hello Dave,


Amsterdam is not SAM compatible. It is an Airport , developed long befor SAM...

It has no Jetway animations.


All Gates you can download with a new apt.dat file.

Replace it with the old apt.dat file from the installed folder of Amsterdam:

"your X-Plane 11 folder\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - EHAM Airport Amsterdam\Earth nav data/"

Here you can download the new apt.dat file:



Greets Heinz

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