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  1. Hello, sorry if this is in a wrong forum, but I've recently bought the Aerosoft EHAM for X Plane 11, now I have a few problems, first one is that whenever I connect to VATSIM the sim crashes within a minute. There are no other gates than only C10 and C11 for example, C14 and others are not there, when in replay on a real world spotting place at EHAM when behind a fence the aircraft dissapears magically, and when having autogate and SAM suite plugin it doesn't do anything at all at EHAM https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/xplane-11/sceneries/547/airport-amsterdam
  2. FSX:SE, The Livery Manager is a 1.5, and the Aerosoft A320/A321 is 1.31
  3. And I get the error message saying: "Livery Manager is not responding" and then it closes
  4. Hello, I have this issue, I installed the EasyJet G-EZTR from this site, and when I want it to install in the sim via Livery Manager, the Livery Manager freezes and crashes immediately. I don't have that when installing other liveries
  5. Hello, I have this issue that when I configurated the aircraft for landing, with appr phase activated, appr mode on on the FCU, LS on, and with the localiser captured that the aircraft won't descend? So I have to do it manually, but it's annoying because I have to but the aircraft into a steep dive which the speed would rapidly increase and resulting in hard landings or overrunning the runway. Am I doing something wrong? I am not really used to Airbus because I fly Boeing more often. And I have the issue that when I turn off the FBW mid-flight when I want to fly a bit manually to
  6. Can't install it. When I try do install it I get a error saying: "This livery can't be installed"
  7. I want a repaint of Transavia in the current new livery for the Airbus A320 and A321 CFM with and without sharklets
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