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Aerosoft a320/330 professional descent blue arrow missing


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16 minutes ago, dragos11228800 said:

I have Aerosoft a320 bundle but not the professional version for fsx: STEAM and the addon was bought from STEAM and that's how it looks to me.  now I bought p3d V4.5 and Aerosoft a320family / a330 professional and it doesn't appear here anymore


I was just about to ask which version you had.  You should have posted in the 32-bit Airbus forum. 


Anyway, I'm sorry to tell you that we don't provide support for the Steam Version.  Dovetail Games heavily modified our Airbus and sells it via Steam, so you'll have to use the Steam Support forums.  If you wish, you can always return the product via Steam and purchase our Airbus here.


I'll move your post to the 32 bit Airbus forum, however since we don't support the Steam Version (Dovetail Games does that), I'll have to close your post.


Best wishes my friend.




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