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As real as it get's - SIMstarter NG P3D reads times from Operational Flight Plans

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Good morning,


we are quite happy to annouce that, SIMstarter is able to read the situation time from an OFP (either PFPX or simBrief) and starts the sim at your departure Airport at the time minus a configurable set of minutes. In addition the OFP can be opened in a separate window on your simulator PC (where SIMstarter is running).


Example (with PFPX OFP):

Open PFPX (or simBrief) make your flight planning, save your OFP and export your Routes. It's important to have a text-file OFP to use this function.




Having an OFP like this flying from LEMD to EDDL. The Standard Departure Time is set to 19:25 local at LEMD. Fine.


First important step is to tell SIMstarter where your OFP (text files are stored). Open Program Settings > First Tab and set the path (see yellow marking) and define how many minutes prior that time you want to start the sim (gree marking):



Open SIMstarter NG and select Date and time = From OFP



Run your profile and you will start the sim at your desired time.


If you use this in parallel with "Load newest flightplan" you need to make sure that both of them are matching. Otherwise SIMstarter whould use a different OFP and Flightplan. So it makes sense to do your flightplanning first, export everything and then start SIMstarter.


Please find more information in manual chapter 4.11 (after getting v2.0.7).


Update will be out soon.

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Very Important that for PFPX you use the standard PFPX OFP template to export to your assigned NG folder. Also for SImBrief use the FSL template to export.

Now, that might mean you have to 'export' twice depending if you aircraft uses a different OFP template.

It's  'one' of the best new functions that moves your SIM experience a bit further to 'as real as it gets'.   


Have fun

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