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PFPX validation

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It looks when validating the flightplan,  the Eurocontrol IFPS gives all sort of errors (not related to the route, but format etc) 

Is there anything which can be done ?



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Hi Michel,


As you may have read in many of the topics that where opened before this one regarding the same issue, Eurocontrol has withdrawn public access to their IFPS validator. At least for applications like PFPX. You may still access it through via this link. Scroll down until you find the block called ‘Flight Planning’ on the right hand side. There you click on ‘Free text editor’. Copy your ATC Flightplan from PFPX and paste it in the editor. It’ll tell you whether your flightplan has passed validation or which errors it found. 

Be sure to apply the RAD update from the download section of this forum. Sharky updates this on a monthly basis, same period as the AIRAC cycle. This will update PFPX’s routefinder with the latest restrictions from the Route Availability Document published by CFMU (flow mgmt unit from Eurocontrol) and thus minimizing errors in the validator.




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