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  1. Thanks for getting back to me so soon Matthijs. Much appreciated. Looks like I have to create one myself. I understand creating and hosting those profiles cannot be done completely free of charge, but I don’t want to pay 14GBP for all those performance profiles while I will only use the CRJ one.
  2. Hi Matthijs, According to the product page of the CRJ Professional (P3D version) that version is "Fully prepared for ChasePlane, PFPX". I interpret that as that there's a profile available for PFPX, but I do not own that version of the CRJ so I'm not sure. As I assume real world data is used for that profile, it would mean that it's reusable for the MSFS version of the CRJ. Could you please check with Hans for us Matthijs? If that version is not usable for some reason or simply not available, I will go and try to make one myself. Thanks!
  3. Hi Edward, correct, FS2Crew is not customisable, except for some options here and there. It is representing either some operators’ specific standard procedures or the basic procedures as defined by the aircraft manufacturer, depends on where/who/what Bryan was able to get his info from. FS2Crew is indeed also product specific.
  4. I’ve experienced the same too on several arrivals. There appeared a leg on my legs page without a name, but with a distance of 2495 nm. I wasn’t able to delete that ‘ghost-leg’, as I got a “not found” error on the scratchpad.. But that would explain the weird estimated arrival time and arrival fuel. Two days ago I got such a leg when flying into Munich, last night into Liverpool I had no issues at all and everything looked just fine.
  5. You’re welcome! 😄 Jan, if you need more help let me know. Perhaps I can send over the camera.cfg file so you can use my setup. I’ve recreated The Dude’s camera’s as shown in his video’s. Not sure if it works that way though
  6. Jan, if I recall correctly, the key combination to save a custom view is ctrl+atl+x, and to select it alt+x. 'X' here is the number keys 1 thru 0. Not sure, on the top of my head, if these are by default your numpad keys or your regular number keys. So in the cockpit, use the numpad number keys to move around and your mousewheel to set a zoomlevel. Then press ctrl+alt+1 to save the first view, such as your main forward view. Then move around to for example zoom in towards the CDU and save that with ctrl+alt+2. Have a look at this tutorial: MSFS2020 How to Set Up Camera Cockpit Views Like XP11 (Easy) - YouTube
  7. Hi Tom, Stephen, Thanks for your quick replies. As per my edit of my post above, Judith was lightning fast with a reply on my support ticket (a response within minutes!) and pointed out the fact that my server subscription expired a few days ago. Stupid of me to check the validity of it before nagging here on the forum, my apologies! I'm off purchasing a new one Thanks, Stefan
  8. Looks like the servers are down. Again. EDIT: Judith already pointed out that my subscription expired a few days ago, my bad!
  9. If you sent me a copy of that OFP I’ll see what I can do with the possibilities of PFPX..?
  10. Only a somewhat minor update: 2.04 (17 DEC 2020) ------------------ - IMPROVED MULTI-SCREEN SUPPORT - IMPROVED IVAO/VATSIM TRAFFIC VIEW - FIXED CONNECTION ISSUES - REMOVED CFMU ROUTE VALIDATION (SERVICE NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Especially happy with the last line, as it always generated three errors after computing and releasing a flight So something happened at their end, but I'm still awaiting a proper reply. If it's what most of us expect (I suppose..) which is that Christian has moved on to other business opportunities than that's fine by me too, but at least give us something. Even if it's a 'Goodbye and thank you'. @Mathijs Kok have you heard anything from Christian and/or Judith in regards to your post in this thread on December 1st? Thanks, Stefan
  11. Hi Michel, As you may have read in many of the topics that where opened before this one regarding the same issue, Eurocontrol has withdrawn public access to their IFPS validator. At least for applications like PFPX. You may still access it through via this link. Scroll down until you find the block called ‘Flight Planning’ on the right hand side. There you click on ‘Free text editor’. Copy your ATC Flightplan from PFPX and paste it in the editor. It’ll tell you whether your flightplan has passed validation or which errors it found. Be sure to apply the RAD update from the download section of this forum. Sharky updates this on a monthly basis, same period as the AIRAC cycle. This will update PFPX’s routefinder with the latest restrictions from the Route Availability Document published by CFMU (flow mgmt unit from Eurocontrol) and thus minimizing errors in the validator. Regards, Stefan
  12. Haha I can understand that Mathijs. Thanks for the update!
  13. All, the airline I work for also uses LIDO charts, and even there old and new charts are shown in the iPad app and on the website. As Mathijs pointed out it’s something LIDO has to sort out, but I personally don’t think they’ll do something about it just for us ‘flightsimmers’, unless their professional users (read: airlines) start asking for it..
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