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  1. It looks when validating the flightplan, the Eurocontrol IFPS gives all sort of errors (not related to the route, but format etc) Is there anything which can be done ? BRgds Michel
  2. Can anyone help me with the Cargolux OFP format ? Many thanks Michel
  3. Let's hope someone at least is developping Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha which are the richiest countries in the world, btw B rgds Michel Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Looks very beautiful I can't wait to see the beautiful DXB airport in FSX. B. Rgds Michel
  5. Hello, I see that there are some issues with the afcad file. Fore exemple DHL aircraft are going to the in field terminal instead of the cargo ramp. Any suggestions which AFCAD may be used, as I know sometimes there are hidden functions in the orginal Aerosoft afcads? Many thanks Michel Vandaele
  6. Ok Thanks a lot, I'm starting the work Also try to update some gates for the SIA A380 B. Rgds Michel
  7. I'm sorry I forgot to mention. I'm working with the FS2004 version. B. Rgds Michel
  8. After the opening of the new T5 terminal in LHR, a major shufle of airlines gate positions was in progress. Most of the BAW flights are now going to T5 etc. I should like to change some of the gates in order to have the actual situation, but I remember there was something special to that afcad file. Can it be changed via the Afcad2 program 2.21 from Lee Swordy ? Or any other suggestions Many thanks Michel Michel Vandaele
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