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We like to make it perfectly clear that NONE of our products are guaranteed to work on Windows 7 (yes, we will adapt our product pages to indicate that). 


The reason is very simply, Microsoft does not support that platform for end customers any more. It's dead for them. So if there is new hardware or new software (drivers) that create problems, they will NOT fix it. If the OS is laid open to hackers (as more and more it seems to be), they will most likely NOT patch it. You are using it at your own risk. And that is exactly our point of view. If you love win7 and insist on using it, fine. But on your own risk and if you ask for support we might tell you that we can't help as we got no systems that run win7 anymore (in a corporate setting they are a serious risk). 


All our software is guaranteed  to run on operating systems that are still supported by the developers. For Windows that are Windows 8 and Windows 10. 

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